To increase the income level of small farmers through sustainable agriculture in Thanjavur District.


To reduce the cost of cultivation instead of total cost, increase production and farmers income through market support with value addition.



All the efforts of the Company to facilitate the farmers resulted in improved margin for the farm produce.The Company as the society format has limitations in volume of business, they can do and also distributeprofits earned by the company to the farmers. The Producer Company Format has legal provisions for distributing profits to the share holders in the farm of dividend and also to the producers in form of patronage bonus.


RRCFPCLis being in operation since the year 2014 and the efforts of RRCFPCL and Department of Agri Marketing,it is successful in uplifting and enhancing the quality of their life. Shareholders are organised into Farmers InterestingGroups. While the collective effort of the farmers to get progress at individual and group level, they felt the need of a system and legal format to synergize the efforts of these groups to at aim higher level of growth and better bargaining in the value chain capacity.

The producer company has both men and women as its members. There are 50FIG groups with an average of 15 to 20 members per group, currently there are over 1033 members with an aim to collect their primary products to sell at market after some processing and value addition.

The company has been established as per the rules and regulations of the producer companies’ act 2013. The Board of the Company has been constituted initially with10 Directors who were elected among the members of the company. The Board has a representation from women also. The company is being managed by an independent management team headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and assisted by a team of professionals and volunteers.


RRCFPCL over the years has been providing various services to the members. There are three types of business throughRRCFPCL which facilitates sale of the produce.

First type is facilitative support in which RRCFPCLidentifies buyers and negotiates the best rate with them, it help farmers/share holders to market their produce and to get ensured payment at right time. The company has signed MOU with NAFED to procure black gram

Second type is RRCFPCL purchases Agri inputs from the company directly and sell it to share holders. The company has started input shop in ThozhavanniyanKudikadu village and sells agri inputs to share holders directly.

Third type is Procurement of produce from farmers and convertsinto value added products, sale to whole sellers/ consumers. Under this component, the company has installed dhal mill in Kokkeri village, Ammapettai block and the company procures black gram / green gram from farmers.

Functions of FPC

• Providing training to farmers

• Supplying inputs to our share holders

• Procuring produce from farmers

• Value addition of Blackgram, Green gram, Red dhal

• Producing seeds at seed farms.

• Raising demonstration plants.

• Encouraging subsidiary units of Agriculture like poultry, coat farm, fisheries, cattle farms.

• Training in waste management and converting them into farm input.

• Providing transport facility, harvesting machine

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